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123 Live Help Chat Server Software

A live chat solution for Joomla: fast, easy, secure& high-load support
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15 May 2008

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This is a chat solution for Joomla: fast, easy, secure& high-load support. It is a full-featured Java chat server and Flash client with custom skin, linkable to external database. It is a multilingual and multimedia Chat solution.

Pros: Beside the server 123 Live Help has three different clients, respectively for the admin, staff member and the end customer. Among them, the staff and the customer interact via a staff status button. The staff logs in the Staff Panel, meanwhile the staff status button on webpage gets turned on automatically. Customer clicks the button to initiate chat with the staff directly in the Customer Panel. Admin may monitor the conversations in the Admin Panel.

Admin is very powerful, he/she can monitor all kinds of behavior in the LiveHelp and audit log, manage admin and staff accounts, search chat log, manage departments and ban/unban customers. The panel opens with a monitoring panel that shows the status of staff logged to help out with the work. Time each is logged in and the department etc. Log tab shows the log of all the events in chronological order while account management helps create user (staff in this case) accounts. Search lets the admin search for a staff, customer pair session details. A customer based on his id or the IP address he logged in from could be banned because whatever reason. Unban is removing the restrictions from an user. Admin controls deployment of staff and is able to send e-mails directly to staff if necessary. The staff window has a log window for events related to his activities, the chat window, predefined messages and a window that shows information relevant to the customer so that helping him out is easier. Being integrated with customer database pulling up such information is easy.

Customer interacts with help desk people through the chat window that opens because of a staff inviting him to a chat. Video chat is now supported. Both dedicated and a hosted option of the service is offered.

Cons: Many users may have a concern about confidentiality of the business data that will have to be given out in the hosted version. Ensure that you have a service level agreement that does take care of the issues.

Overall a certain 4 star performer.

Publisher's description

Joomla! Chat Module/ Joomla! Chat Extension, Introduction:
* New Functions added in this version:
chat-room's settings can be easily configured in Joomla Admin panel,it works for: server and chat client are on the same/different server;
2.123 Flash Chat host solution,
3.The chat window's size could be also adjusted flexibly
* Primary functions still kept:
1. Integration: With the chat extension for Joomla!, you will be assisted in embedding a real-time chat room with the Joomla! database of your website integrated.
2. It can display following data in the Joomla! front page:
* The connection number of the Joomla! Chat.
* The logon user number in the Joomla! Chat room.
* The chat room number for Joomla! Chat.
* The chat users' name list in all Joomla! Chat rooms.
3. Auto-login: Once logged in Joomla!, users don't have to re-enter their username or password again to access chat.
4. 123 Flash Chat for Joomla can run on different browser in many different platform, such as Windows, Linux, Unix & Mac.
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What is 123 Flash Chat Server Software?
123 Flash Chat Server Software is a feature rich and high performance Java chat server with a cool Flash chat client! It's a fast, easy and affordable way to host and manage real-time communication. 123 Flash Chat server software can integrate existing databases of forums or websites. It's fully customizable for admins and end-users.
123 Live Help Chat Server Software
123 Live Help Chat Server Software
Version 3.2
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Bailey Herbert
This took a while to download on my computer (my computer is slow) but It is not really that useful.
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